It‘s Total time again, and the Kompakt camp is as techno fabulous as ever. From the feel-good, big-room bumpery of label vets Michael Mayer, The Modernist, and Superpitcher to the tape-delayed dub of Mikkel Metal and string-laden atmospherics of Jonas Bering, this compilation is a window into the label’s seasoned and beautiful techno soul. Diverse yet familiar, playful yet superbly sophisticated, the music never seems to waver in its ability to revitalize the dancefloor atmosphere. And while Wasserman (comprised of label heads Wolfgang Voigt and Jurgen Paape) captures Kompakt’s classic spirit perfectly with “In Tyrannis 2006,” it’s fresh input from K2 sub-label recruits Gui Boratto, Steadycam, Robert Babicz, and HUG that will reassure even the staunchest Kompakters out there that the label is as positive and steadfast in their vision as they were eight years ago.