Don’t waste your time trying to describe what sort of music this is. Not even Wiley is sure. His debut single, “Wot Do U Call It? poked fun at the multitude of names the genre demands, from grime to eski to sublow. What is important is that this new mutant form of two-step has thrown up its second genre-defining star. Along with Dizzee Rascal (whose Boy In Da Corner album he helped produce), Wiley is at the forefront of the London scene that takes the dead body of UK garage and turns it into something far darker, blending elements of ragga and hip-hop with crazy computer game bleeps and squelches. On top of this raw, avant-garde innovation, Wiley tells tales of his urban existence that center around mindless violence, low expectations and screwed-up relationships. Slightly too long for those not used to such sonic kickings, the album’s tour de force is the astounding “Special Girl” and the ground-breaking “Treddin’ On Thin Ice.” Stunningly creative, this is an amazing piece of self-expression and the most original British album so far this year.