On the aptly named Tribute to the Sun, Luciano (a.k.a. Lucien Nicolet) fleshes out sub-tropical Latin and pan-African rhythms that have always shared a tonal palette with his darker Chicago- and Detroit-inspired productions. “Celestial” sounds like it reads, with a melody (courtesy of a vocal sample from Keren Ann’s “Liberty”) made in heaven, pushed even higher on the back of an ascending bassline. Bruno Bieri and Omri Hason add percussive worldbeat contributions to “Hang for Bruno” and Senegal’s Ali Boulo Santo lends his vocals to the ethno-tribal stomp of “Africa Sweat.” And for the ravers who stick it out, there’s some payoff on the back end with “Metodisma” and “Oenologue,” fierce tracks peppered with zany laughter and sundry calls of the wild.