Kerri Chandler gets profoundly inside a groove and turns it inside out, with rich, bottom-heavy bass lines and sparse jazz melodies. He creates danceable moments of darkness infused with his NJ-native, garage-influenced, deep house perspective. Chandler’s latest release, Trionisphere, much like many of the other legendary sonic productions he’s most noted for, especially The Atmosphere EP, is a spiritual journey in sound. This man will take you to church on the dancefloor, and with the push of a button imbue you with the Holy Spirit. Opening with “Tribe of the Night,” Chandler transports you back to those acid-house glory days, and the bouncy Latin rhythm and stuttering Afrobeat snares of “Coro” inspire you to jump up and testify. Overall, each tune is drenched with a hypnotic soulful quality. At times, though, the jazz tinges cause this offering to sound a little too laidback, but it’s never boring.