On their first long player, Cologne duo Codec & Flexor lay out their MO: to mash bombastic rockisms and a snarling punk attitude with house and techno rhythms and textures. For all the criticism that the current penchant for all things electro welcomes, its detractors fail to see that many electronic and dance music fans are simply tired of the glut of current music infused with faux Afro-Latin and ’70s jazz influences. This is Tubed synopsized: nasty, on tracks like “The Candy Cancer,” “Beat Me,” and “Don’t Judge Me” they perfectly fuse the cocky cock rock of Judas Priest-whose logo they have shamelessly ripped off-with the heavy techno feel that swept through Europe in the early-’90s. Love it or hate it, dancey rock is here and it’ll spawn a thousand variants. Codec & Flexor’s is just one, but it’s a damned fun one.