Tummaa diametrically opposes Finnish producer/percussionist Sasu Ripatti’s work as Luomo. Whereas that project imagines minimal, vocal-centric house as a lubricious glide through sleek clubs and luxurious boudoirs, Ripatti’s new Vladislav Delay album revives his instincts as an improvising Scandinavian jazz musician. Spurning the dancefloor and the horizontal bop, Tummaa translates Delay’s usual impressionistic, knotted strain of abstract techno into introverted jazz tropes. Ripatti daubs the stereo field with stark, beautiful, meditative tones, finessing out cerebral, cryptic slivers of ECM-style post-jazz with sporadic bursts of oddly metered, oblong beats. By looking back, Ripatti brings a new wrinkle to his oeuvre.

Listen: “Melankolia (Edit)”

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