The debut of Tru Thoughts’ latest addition, Belleruche, offers the same vocal-pop appeal that once made trip-hoppers Massive Attack and Portishead so exciting. The trio of vocalist Kathrin DeBoer, guitarist Ricky Fabulous, and DJ Modest has crafted just what the album’s title suggests: sweet, sweet soul built around jazzy guitars, handcrafted beats, and a dusting of turntablism. DeBoer’s vocals sound like those of Roisin Murphy, or even a latter-day Sarah Vaughn, as she sings over standout cuts like the Bonobo-esque “Northern Girls” or the clever sampler-jazz funk of “Minor Swing.” Tru Thoughts has become a guiding light in the new-school funk, soul, and downtempo worlds, and this is proof that they’re staying put.