Young, talented UK producer Gerry Read has issued another 12″ via his longtime label home, Fourth Wave. Similar to Read’s previous singles and his excellent debut album, Jummy, the U Got No God Damn Groove EP offers an oblique, scruffy, and undeniably compelling vision of house. Showing off a sense of craftsmanship and control beyond his 21 years, Read once again impresses with his unique rhythmic sensibilities, presenting a set of three tracks that deftly pulls classic house tropes and elegance into his almost maniacally sloppy world.

The title track lurches forward with Read’s trademark open hi-hats, from which the producer builds a busted house beat, underpinning a repeated, deadpan vocal sample of the track’s titular phrase. This all may seem fairly stock-standard for a producer whose track record suggests that he thrives on messiness, but halfway through, the tune switches gears. A bubbling bassline slowly emerges as the track progresses, hinting at a melodic core waiting to get out, and then the vocals give way, replaced by a luminous loop that injects some much needed levity into the song’s harsh, warped aesthetic. It’s an odd but perfect use of tension, and one of Read’s best tracks as a result.

While slightly less revelatory than the title track, U Got No God Damn Groove‘s remaining two offerings are further examples of the producer’s idiosyncratic style. “Rubber Hands” presents Detroit-style loops with a clattering rhythm track that for all its simplicity is also surprisingly infectious. Final track “Andy Asteroids” is the most abstract of the bunch; featuring intentionally disastrous EQ’ing and plenty of tape hiss, the track is a mucky, cut-and-pasted take on analog house. The excellent a-side alone makes this release worth seeking out, and the remainder of U Got No God Damn Groove showcases a rapidly maturing producer who seems to know exactly what he’s doing.