Has all that preceded been but a prelude in the world of Squarepusher? One would certainly think so after listening to Ultravisitor, Tom Jenkinson’s eighth album. On 2001’s Go Plastic, Jenkinson finally achieved a balance between his at-times spastic funk bass melodies and breakneck beat programming. Ultravisitor reaches further out while simulataneously harkening back to the nebulous experiments with slower jazz tempos on Selection Sixteen and Budakhan Mindphone. The title track busts out of the breakbeat gate like anything on Hard Normal Daddy, but its darkened brow and the quixotic chiming leitmotif floating among the clouds is decidedly fresh. Punctuating the madness are sullen jazz guitar ditties like “I Fulcrum” and “Andrei,” which contribute to a sense that Ultravisitor is Jenkinson’s first stab at a wondrous Squarepusher opera.