Another from Baltimore’s Wham City explosion, Videohippos unsurprisingly will leave you grinning. Comprised of Kevin O’Meara and Jim Triplett, Videohippos have built a name from celebratory live shows that combine noisy pop with insane video collage. Their awesomely titled Unbeast the Leash full-length is pure fun, combining the melodic sensibility of homies Ecstatic Sunshine with the goofy, thrift-store electronics of Wham leader Dan Deacon. Tracks like “Bear Fight” and “Koolshades” let their guitars guide them, while songs like “Lazer Jet” and “Narwhals” leave room for surprisingly sincere vocals. Elsewhere, “Sick Dolphin” combines porpoise noises with Nintendo free jazz. Unbeast the Leash is like classic Steve Martin: pleasantly stupid, with just enough heart to keep you addicted.