Blockhead knows how to bounce–he even has a song called “NYC Bounce” to prove it. But that tune is less a telegraph than a template, as the producer’s first self-released effort is full of tracks that digitally swing and sway rather than boom and bap. Juicy entries like “Do the Tron,” “The Strain,” and “Grape Nuts and Chalk Sauce” feature phat MacBook beats for sure, but lack the hard-hitting drums that he delivered on his last effort, Downtown Science. There’s more glory for distorted guitar solos, especially on “Duke of Hazzard” and the aforementioned “NYC Bounce,” a twist that strangely skews Blockhead’s soundtracking into Moby territory. But his ear for rump-shaking anthems is as tight as ever, which is why rappers are clamoring more to work with him.