Rome’s Egisto Sopor is multitalented, making his name as a prolific video artist and a composer of new-age music as TheAwayTeam, in addition to his principal project Polysick. Polysick has so far maintained Sopor’s wide-ranging interests, ranging from short, beatless cuts of twisted, hypnagogic synthesizer to more accessible takes on house. As its record label might indicate, Under Construction finds the producer in dancefloor mode, though he manages to inject a decent amount of oddball character into these tracks as well.

“Whatever” is the most straightforward piece here, combining acidic squeals, undulating bass, and clean organ stabs above a planar, vaguely Chicago-inspired drum framework. Sopor goes a bit prog-jazz on “Shattered,” with lively synthesizer solos on top of chilled keys and rustling hi-hats, while “3 Cents” offers hazy, fluttery disco, its flexible funk offset by samples that may or may not be from gritty quasi-documentary Streetwise. The film sample on “Barry Talks” is not as easily recalled, but one can assume it’s Barry who is talking about being “a product of [his] environment.” The track again calls ’70s-jazz styles to mind, as its pointed bassline is paired with squiggly synthesizer and a stammering, low-key rhythm. On the whole, Under Construction is not as great of a conceptual gem as last year’s underrated pseudo-mixtape Flow FM, but it certainly furthers the case for Polysick as a dance project. The way these tracks masterfully twist and morph is redolent of Pépé Bradock’s material, and that comparison ought not to be taken as faint praise.