In recent years, being a band from Montreal has often equaled instant publicity. Despite having produced some of the most forward-thinking music of the last 10 years, however, Montreal‘s Shalabi Effect has remained relatively unnoticed. The group‘s latest effort, Unfortunately, is the result of a three-day residency at Montreal‘s Arts Interculturels institute. where the songs were rehearsed and recorded in front of a live audience. “Out of the Closet,” the epic 13-minute opener, presses through walls of found sound and drone to “Pai Nai,” an exploration of surf rock and static. Similarly, a balance between haunting noise and graceful melody is explored through the strings in “Half Life” and “Vegas Radiation.” A focused jaunt through many psychedelic corridors, Unfortunately is a masterful work that will probably find hype 10 years from now, when the rest of the world catches up.