A guilty pleasure that fits the summer of 2005 like a glove, T.O.K.‘s second album, Unknown Language, offers a slice of Jamaican dancehall in its most unabashedly American-influenced form. A power pop record in patois, Unknown collects all of the suave foursome‘s singles (“Gal You Ah Lead,” “Galang Gal”) from the past three years along with a smattering of new songs like the semi-conscious “Wah Gwaan” and the pulsing “Neck Breakers.” While a remix of the reggaeton-flavored “She‘s Hotter” featuring Miami thug Pitbull may be the foursome‘s most fire single to date, the highlight may be “Tell Me If You Still Care,” a sentimental ballad over Arif Cooper‘s Celebration riddim that evokes the group‘s roots in late ‘80s/early ‘90s American R