Peter Kersten’s output has never been filled with sunshine; in fact, one could argue that his oeuvre is downright melancholy, filled with minor-key melodies and sentimental chord progressions. For his latest full-length under his Lawrence moniker, Kersten continues the trend, delivering an album that is more cloudy Sunday than clubby Saturday. Tracks like “Grey Light” and “The Dream” channel Angelo Badalamenti, and “Todenhausen Blues” recalls European seaside towns awash in drizzle. There are beat-oriented moments, of course, like the hazy synth shuffle of “Jill” and the organic house stylings of “In Your Eyes,” but overall, Until Then, Goodbye, is a gorgeous and moody trek through sonic textures that invoke intense emotions; if there was ever a perfect example of ‘teardrop house,’ Lawrence’s latest would be it.