German producer Sven Schienhammer’s minimal dub-techno music draws from the spectral traditions of Pole, Monolake, Mike Ink, and Rhythm & Sound. And like J Dilla’s many copycat beat disciples, most recent dub-techno producers tend to sound like lame Maurizio knock-offs. Schienhammer’s recordings as Quantec, however, avoid clichés and add new ideas to the genre’s moody, muted formula. Layered ambient patterns are Schienhammer’s primary compositional tool. On “Iboga” various drifting melodies congeal like a dense fog with only a heartbeat kick drum to guide listeners through the ether. Long, decaying synth notes on “Yage” and dense, shoegazer-style tones on “Panaleous” invoke expansive natural landscapes. As electronic reverberations and pulses surge and fade, Unusual Signals will leave you pleasantly lost.