The production team of DJ D. “Ein” Fell and Rupert Mould ocean-hop from their Mexican Sessions to Turkey. As usual, they bring an assorted cast of characters for the ride, most notably, as the title implies, Turkish debutante and film starlet Sevval Sam. The Edge of Heaven star applies her classical and pop sensibilities to the Bristol boys’ tasteful electronic aesthetic. The smoothly downtempo “Sem Beni” is perhaps the album’s most penetrative and beautiful number, helped along by the growling flamenco vocalist Benjamin Esocriza. Thievery Corp’s Rob Garza adds a sweet sitar touch (and a weak rap) on “River Song,” while Turkish hipster MC Sultana returns from obscurity on “Orthodox Man.” A little bit of Mexico comes along as the ever-entertaining Blanquito Man adds Rasta flavor to “Blue Night.” Globetrotting and tasteful, with only slight divergences into cheesy poetic asides and sweeping strings, this is a secret worth uncovering.