Rumor has it that Germany’s Sebastian Riedl (a.k.a. Basteroid) ruffled a few feathers of Upper Austria’s duck population during the production of his trace-fueled Areal debut, Upsets Ducks. Apparently, the beaked ones weren’t down with flocking to the beat of Riedl’s ground-shattering mash of appegiated grooves, broken kicks, and pulsating robotic rhythms. After years spent unleashing remixes and singles, Riedl’s hunger for minimal techno, grimy electro-house, and trance saturates this album. From disco percussion and filth-flushed synths (“Attention: Upsets Ducks”) to acid-splattered modulation (“Jacktales”) and funked-out escapades (“Backstage Ass”), Upsets Ducks is an enterprising display of a sound collagist lost within his own beat factory.