Versatile‘s artists *heart* machines-warm ones, cool ones, ones that thump and think for themselves with a silicon slyness. Here, the usual suspects-I:Cube, Joakim, Chateau Flight-share some of their favorite artificial intelligences, half of them specially edited for this compilation. Basic Soul Unit blows up the techno waters with the torpedo that is “Surface and Submerge,” Kirk Degiorgio (in his As One guise) unleashes analog artifacts with predictably warm results on “Rumour,” and Joakim makes us all wonder when the album‘s going to drop, both with his careening car-chase of a remix for Chateau Flight‘s “Les Antipodes” and his own prancing, piercing “I Wish You Were Gone.” Not sure if France has some special juice in its AC current, but this treat from the Versatile camp might be an argument that yes, androids do dream of electric sheep-dancing ones at that.