Combine a multinational trio of vocalists, a visionary French producer, an American dubmaster, and a handful of timeless, iconic tunes from the ’50s to the ’90s, and you have a recipe for brilliance. It’s hard to argue with a tracklist that connects Led Zep, the Stones, Dylan, Elvis, and the White Stripes with Cymande, Pharaoh Sanders, Wilson Pickett, Herbie Hancock, and Prince. Producer Patchworks’ inspired arrangements traipse through rock, soul, jazz and funk territory with a Studio One-meets-Stax vibe, as “Whole Lotta Love” transforms from arena-rock cliché to lovers-rock anthem, “Rockit” goes ska, and “Seven Nation Army” employs dubwise elements. Without missing a beat, Version Excursion easily travels from discotheque to boudoir.