Nurtured in the Kompakt garden over the course of the last three years, Mikkel Meldgaard’s sound has blossomed into a stunning hybrid, taking root in fresh, fertile ground. Three tracks from prior Kompakt releases (“Hemper,” “Dorant,” “Kaluga”) are nestled perfectly among seven factory-sealed newies on Victimizer, which demonstrates Mikkel’s enlightened application of the dub aesthetic in balance with elements of techno, organic ambient, and subtle pop. Whether navigating the minimalist 4/4 structures of tracks like “Microho” or the submerged schaffels of “Victimizer,” his command of the soundscape is impressive. The overall tone of the album rides deep and dark, grounded with gritty bottom-end and a softly charred veneer as languid vocoders, rubbery reverb activity, and weightless, distant chords converge in a variety of blissful, deep-sea dances. Victimizer has found a beautiful little patch of gray area to call its own.