The voice of London’s East End singer/songwriter Victor Davies is one of elemental comforts, both earthy and airy. Consequently, Davies’s self-titled 2001 album and newly released Remixes are quilted from warm, colorful patches of soul and samba, acoustics and electronics, the source material coveted by producers like Berlin’s Jazzanova (head of Davies’s label, appropriately). With a gauzy sheen of ’70s folk/funk finesse, Davies recorded elements classic and contemporary, timeless and timely. Now, first-string nu-jazz/broken beat producers-including Nuspirt Helsinki, Bugz In The Attic, Da Lata and Procreation, as well as house heads (Masters At Work, Leme, Wahoo) and hip-hop headz (Mark Rae, Only Child)-not so much update as refit six tracks, ranging from downbeat to tribal, yet remaining as complementary in sensuality and cohesive in whole as the original.