Mix CDs are a complicated vehicle for music, as they can deliver a hand-picked set to a large swath of people, yet are often considered throwaways for this exact reason. The mixes put out by Sven Väth’s Cocoon imprint, however, are consistently excellent, and the label’s fourth mix from Tietjen is no exception. With a focus on selections from Minilogue’s Animals album/DVD, Tietjen moves expertly from the deep techno of Inxec vs. Matt Tolfrey to the slamming, Pounding Grooves-like grandeur of Timo Maas’ “Subtellite.” The mix concludes with Minilogue’s “Hispaniola,” a subtle journey of a track that contains shades of Dominik Eulberg. A treat to listen to, especially if you’re too poor for Ibiza tickets.