Over the course of her long career, Lady Saw has always been known for her raw lyrics, but on Walk Out, she takes advantage of the full-length format to stretch out a bit. There are several heartfelt songs like “No Less Than a Woman” (inspired by her own infertility), “World’s Prettiest” (her take on women’s self-esteem issues), and “You Need Me,” a love song that could have come straight from Nashville. And while the album also includes her trademark sexed-up chunes (like the particularly slack “Power of the Pum” and “Like It,” a take on Dem Franchize Boyz’s “Oh I Think They Like Me”), she uses “Me and My Crew” to remind the listener that her first name is still “Lady,” stressing the importance of table manners and crossing one’s legs, and asking women to “please cut out the cheap dutty wine.”