This is somewhat unexpected; as it turns out, there’s a sliver of overlap between the name Move D (a.k.a. David Moufang) and the concept of a “DJ tool.” The “Wanna Do” b/w “Nautique” 12″ resides in that microscopic terrain, the vanishingly small field of activity where Move D subsumes some of his quirks in service of mixability. These two cuts are very good candidates for a long warm-up or cool-down, but they don’t offer their charms easily to the immobile home listener. The trade-off is that they come across as somewhat underdeveloped, lacking the earworm qualities of the DJ/producer’s almost simultaneously released “To the Disco ’77.” These two tracks are sedate and unflashy in comparison—they are contemplative, reflective tracks that aren’t headed anywhere in particular and evoke the kind of off-kilter, early morning malaise of the body giving out while the mind urges it to keep dancing.

Both tracks are built around slightly queasy loops that still offer some homesick comfort. “Nautique” in particular is almost seasick, sloshing drunkenly in controlled circles while Moufang’s crisp drum programming fans it with fresh air. “Wanna Do,” on the other hand, sound like deep house from the bottom of a cistern. There’s a weariness to it that communicates a sort of relief at having left the party, at appreciating it from a comfortable, non-participatory distance. Taken this way, the 12″ quite nicely fills an underrepresented niche, music for coming down while you remain in the building. Both sides feel like they’re a couple of details away from being standalone songs, coming across like base ideas in search of something headier and more directed. It’s enough to earn this disc a spot in the bags of canny and agile DJs. Move D’s latest cuts are uniquely well suited to outdoor soundsystems where they can waft over audiences in a low-pressure environment and nuance is prized.