Gone are the ’60s activists with their guitars and tambourines; enter the sampler and the turntable. Hip-Hop Slam’s Billy Jam produced War (with additional production by DJ Pone and Dawgisht) as an homage to Steinski’s pioneering cut-and-paste production, albeit with a political bent. Almost every artist on this often dark, but also funny, funky and compelling, compilation puts a lovingly leftist twist on various Dubya speeches, resulting in gems like, “Tonight, I have a message for the people of Iraq: Go home and die.” Pone serves up appropriately bombastic remixes of Public Enemy and Mr. Lif, while Tino Corp, Azeem, Aya De Leon, Shingo2, the 13-year-old AckRightKids (ARK) and Steinski himself offer their own political commentaries.