A Rorschach drawing of D.C. noise-punks Black Eyes’ musical oeuvre would surely prompt a slew of one-word responses—from standards (“fiendish,” “misanthropic”) to the made-up (“bloodfugue,” “seminalstained”). One that few would offer is “focused,” and that is why San Francisco noise-groove trio Mi Ami, which includes two ex-Eyes, is such a revelation. On Watersports, squeal-screamed vocals and melodic randomness remain from the Black Eyes aesthetic, but here we find an aggressively consistent rhythm—a dubby drum-and-bass tandem that harkens more to Fela main-man Tony Allen than the Reverb Motherfuckers. Single “Echononecho” sets course along this road, with the rhythms aided by guitars that recall pedal-laden likembe (á la Konono N°1), occasionally veering towards noisy rock outbursts. Watersports is a concise start to an already unconventional career.