If Mika Miko wanted to make the perfect SoCal punk album, they just might have succeeded with We Be Xuxa. Combining the anthemic spirit of L.A. punk legends like Black Flag and The Germs with the sax-fueled bounce of X-Ray Spex, the band’s second full-length finds the girls (plus their new male drummer) swaggering their way through 12 songs in 22 minutes. Mika Miko may not be polished, but that’s not the point—We Be Xuxa is a brash and bratty lo-fi romp. While the bass-driven “I Got a Lot (New New New)” might be the closest thing to a sing-along tune, there’s plenty of fun to be had here. “Turkey Sandwich” (both the original version and the twangy “Barnyard Mix”) is a lighthearted goof, while rockers like “Blues Not Speed” and “Wild Bore” are sure to ignite the mosh pit at your local punk hideout.