Seattle’s irreverent Toast and Jam came up with the mandate for this compilation, asking artists to reinvent songs they couldn’t stand as tracks they actually liked. Certain people will prefer Britney Spears’ sugar-coated “Baby One More Time” and Madonna’s saucy “Vogue” to the eardrum cut ‘n’ paste ping-pong of Edward Coli’s “Object […] Object.” Some may say classic rock standard “House of the Rising Son” is maligned by the five-minute feedback drone Jansky Noise presents as a remix. But there’s amusement to be had listening to the Emanon’s sutured techno polka version of the Happy Days theme and the Square Root of Evil’s drum ‘n’ crash send-up of Nelly’s “Hot in Herre.” We Bore 2 is many things-snide, loveable, at times ear-shattering-but it’s never boring.