Though there was never anything broken (well, besides the fractured beats) about Smyglyssna’s We Can Fix It LP, a host of remixers pull out the pliers and plug-ins on this collection of remixes. Lex’s Boom Bip does his best Prefuse73 imitation on the stammering “We Can Fake It”; Soft Pink Truth goes for low-slung electro-funk on “Work Shall Be Abolished,” a tune that Fujiya & Miyagi take to sexy new depths of whispered glitch-grinding; Restiform Bodies propel “Tea with Angela” into a stratosphere of dead satellites and liquid silicon; and Ein?ma turns “We Can Take It” into a Gothic electro vortex of unspeakable darkness. Smyglyssna’s own two contributions are fucked up digital funk of the highest order, somewhere between Twerk and Super_Collider.