Mungolian Jetset is everything you love about dance music. Disco? They’ve got it. Techno? They’ve got it. Pop? They’ve got it. Call it mutant or call it Balearic, Mungolian Jetset provides the “boom-chik-clap” in ways that most acts only dabble in. On the double-CD set We Gave it All Away…Now We Are Taking it Back, the collective runs between original tracks and remixes like they own the place, creating a debut the likes of which are rare, if even existent, before now. Whether it’s on the wonkily funky “Creepy,” with a vocal track that sounds like a young Jello Biafra, or the slow but steady groove of “Darker” that the Jetset crafted with jazz trumpeter Nils Petter Molvaer, one can sense higher powers are at work on moving your hind quarters. With the album’s 16 tracks averaging over eight minutes apiece, We Gave it All Away… appeals more to the background sounds of a groovy gathering of friends than a solo sit-down-and-listen session. And that’s just fine.