As half of Super_Collider alongside Jamie Lidell, Cristian Vogel captured ghosts in the machine. But Super_Collider’s apex, 1999’s electro-soul album Head On, feels infinitely more like the logical precursor to Lidell’s croon-n-paste solo works than to the console strip-cauterized, art-damaged rock of this Vogel-centered quartet. Using exercises in skuzzy, serialist composition and an obvious affection for quixotic Lower East Side free-jazz, Vogel and associates draw on ectoplasmic post-hardcore rather than ‘ardkore techno. The first half of the 10 tracks (with fleeting nods to Sonic Youth, Frank Black, and later Radiohead) have an increasingly diffused aura of hallucinogenic dynamics, while the second half delves more toward sequenced squalls. Overall, a persuasive series of dissociative, noirish silhouettes.