Former Roll Deep Crew member Wonder is a talented producer but he could use a lesson in album crafting. His debut LP, Welcome To Wonderland, is incredibly frontloaded, crumbling under the weight of its brilliant first three tracks (“God’s Gift Intro 2002 Dubplate” featuring raw toaster God’s Gift; “Chi Flute,” an Eastern-flavored dubstep instrumental; and “What Have You Done,” a monster single featuring Kano, which was on more than a few grime comps last year). While that triumvirate establishes a certain energy and ease in switching gears between moody dubstep and anthemic grime, the rest of Welcome is typified by less impressive instrumentals and vocal tracks featuring MCs (Bruza, Fraction G) and singers (Mpho Skeef, Gemma Fox) who lack God’s Gift and Kano’s charm.