Harmonic 313 (a.k.a. U.K. production veteran Mark Pritchard) might not have a three-page Wikipedia entry just yet, but the guy has all the makings of an obsession-worthy producer. When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence is Pritchard’s best work thus far-the clearest summation of 15 years in the beardy breakz game, not to mention a creative leap forward that leaves much of his past behind. Album standout “Quadrant 3” speak ‘n’ spells the concept-Detroit-style hip-hop shuffled up with gamey nostalgia and bus-ride melancholy. Shadows of dubstep appear on “Dirtbox,” and acid flashbacks color the appropriately named “Flaash.” A gratifying dose of Bizarro World rears its head when former Dilla MCs Elzhi and Phat Kat show up on “Battlestar” and it actually works, leaving one hoping that more MCs will try to get on beats like these.