Much as Art Deco strove to amalgamate early 20th Century forms into function, the asymmetrical ’80s attempted compartmentalizing ’70s flow. Every few decades, monolithic excess and avant empathy couple for understanding. Such is the case on this solo debut by Norway’s Arpeggio Ambassador and Kosmische Portamento Prince. Three tracks (one 28 minutes long) progress almost an hour, beardo-disco carefully sequencing urbane rhythmic darting with Balearic dyes that complement the synth-prog motifs of Jarre, Cerrone, Moroder, Faltermeyer, and Göttsching. When a lesser artist suspends ruffled melodies it can lead to an overly moony phenomenon known as the “aurora boring-all-us.” But Lindstrøm gradually converges panting intervals of analog travelogues, the polychrome orchestration crowning into a stepped monument to retro-modernism.