Founding Call & Response member Daniel Judd leaves his indie roots as he embarks on a mystical new solo journey as Sorcerer. Riding on a flying carpet of psychedelic guitars over deep synths and muted drums, Sorcerer’s debut channels the sun-bleached and sand-speckled warmth of the Balearic sound into 11 tracks of prog surf rock and atmospheric midtempo disco. Beginning with the wave-crashing minimal thump of “Divers Do It Deeper,” listeners sail along past the vocodered electro boogie of “Hawaiian Island” and the dreamy synths on “Surfing at Midnight.” As a whole, White Magic‘s mellowed-out soundscapes depart from many of today’s more stale downtempo releases to create a much-needed new chapter in the chill-out genre, while augmenting the spacey explorations of fellow disconauts Lindstrøm, Prins Thomas, and Metro Area.