The indie Jazzy Jeffs of Wide Hive have done for turntablism what Hollywood does for young starlets: they’ve given it a Brazilian wax and new boobs. DJ Eli’s Afrobeat remix of Dissent’s “Bleeding Together” makes appropriate theme music for a fashionably dashikied Pam Grier, as she flees the po-po in her gold Corvette. Crown City producer Headnodic renders Calvin Keyes’s “Urban Shaman” into something Oz-like and full of bric-a-brac, in a remix that features the verbal skills of the now-freelance Freestyle Fellow P.E.A.C.E. The album climaxes with 4AM’s remix of “The Movement,” featuring Spearhead’s MC Azeem. Granted, there are some suspiciously quiet-stormy flute sounds crammed in the middle, but otherwise, this compilation is ill.