An AM station strewn with Roc C’s or Frank N Dank’s unapologetic vulgarity is a bit of a longshot, but wouldn’t a weekly Madlib radio gig be sweet? Punctuated by enigmatic Beat Konducta instrumentals and blissful soul one-offs for Stacy Epps and Frezna, Madlib’s sizzling BBE Beat Generation contribution simmers with muted organ loops and hard, crackling beats. The Guilty Simpson pairups add considerable viciousness to an extensive King of the Wigflip. Guilty’s mopey “Blow the Horns on ‘Em” finds Madlib’s chopped brass in cheerful form, but alongside the grim synths that pad Guilty’s threats on “Go!” the “Blow” backdrop could work for Raffi. King is fierce and all over the map—the sleeve wouldn’t say Madlib if it weren’t.