Rusty Santos, lauded producer of Animal Collective, Panda Bear‘s solo shot, and other underground gems, now delivers his own album, with aid from gifted musicians named Mina and Jesse. World I See consists of stardust textures, angel-wing breezes, hippo heartbeats, a finger-snapping concerto, and condemned-soul chants–among other unlikely elements. The disc’s haphazard psychedelic lavishness recalls Mercury Rev offshoot Harmony Rockets and bits of Goblin’s soundtracks for Italian horror-film maestro Dario Argento. Santos bathes World in a phantasmagorical, acidic sheen, favoring surprise over structure: quirkiness collides with creepiness, whimsy entwines with woozy. The Present spikes the air with a weird gas they call “music,” and intoxication results in those open to the joys of beneficent delirium.