Stepping away from his role as half of Nguzunguzu—not to mention the recently announced collaborative Future Brown project—for a moment, LA producer Daniel Pineda’s solo effort as Na offers three sharp, bass-loaded club cuts that align closely with the man’s other projects.

When one looks at the catalog Nguzunguzu has built over the past few years, it seems that the driving idea behind the group’s style has remained largely unaltered. Though its sound has no doubt evolved, the group has always remained dedicated to the more esoteric strains of streetwise club music, with an ear for international rhythms and R&B flair. The Xtreme Tremble EP sees Pineda explore the same territory as a solo artist, and this ultimately seems to result in a slightly missed opportunity.

All three of the songs included here are worthwhile productions, with the title track anchoring a simple bell arpeggio and space-age FX with machine-made percussive force, while the appropriately titled “Flute Gasp” and synth-led “B Storm” hang back with more subdued, skittering beats marked by half-time 808 runs. Still, it’s hard to hear exactly what Pineda’s individual perspective really adds to the format. Other than appearing with less of the sometimes eerie atmospheres which help define the sound of Nguzunguzu, Na’s solo work is hard to differentiate from that of his usual production outfit. In the end, the Xtreme Tremble EP has some interesting audio to offer, but with a track record like Pineda’s, one wishes he could have reached a little further out of his comfort zone in order to show dedicated Fade to Mind followers a new side to his talent.