Yes, I’m Elastic, the latest EP by New York City’s Daniel Fisher (a.k.a. Physical Therapy), follows on the producer’s deranged sense of fun. Stylistically, Fisher is not particularly in thrall to any recent trends here, though the production does seem vaguely influenced by New York’s 1990s rave scene, as it’s laced with a kind of snarky, volatile energy. In spite of this, these tracks do not have much staying power, but there are a few elements here that might grab adventurous DJs’ ears.

On the opening title track, the producer engineers a swaggering strut, and groaning, tremulous synths move around it. “World on Fire” has a similar sense of menace, with its scraping hi-hats, darting acid lines, and growling undercurrent. But really, this release will be remembered for “I Did,” a track that appears here in three forms, including a remix by J. Tijn. It’s essentially a sinister take on Daft Punk’s “Teachers,” with a pitched-up robot voice intoning, for example, “who killed Juan Atkins… who killed Pépé Bradock… who killed Mathew Jonson…” Evidently, the narrator did. The backdrop is suitably stripped down to accommodate this cheeky monologue; its beat pulses confidently along, while a Detroit-techno synth motif squirms to the fore. The “V2” mix is laced with a high-pitched, dial-tone sort of effect and a tribal, circular rush, while J. Tijn’s version institutes more of a warehouse pummel. On every take, however, the vocal dominates—it’s a fun bit of braggadocio, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the work of its “murder victims.”