Twisting the Brian Eno-produced 1978 No Wave collection No New York, this first release under Vice Recordings’ imprint Wolfgang Morden encapsulates a community-both a musical community and the musicians’ very city of origin. In 9/11’s wake, the entire nation got behind the sentiment in question-saying “Yes! New York!”-and New Yorkers rekindled the joy of looking up, getting out and getting down. The contributing acts-the Strokes, Radio 4, Rogers Sisters, Rapture, DFA, Calla’nterpol, the Natural History and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (as Unitard), among others-burst forth with the strut and stutter that is their legacy of both 30 and two years of age. Regurgitating influences with a characteristic contemporary swagger, these are the sounds of a city’s growing pangs-whether humid plodding, frenzied stomping, rigidly rhythmic or spastically discordant.