It’s debatable whether Bright Eyes will still be the “new Dylan” 30 years from now. But in the here and now Conor Oberst’s doe-eyed-gone-wild-eyed affectations certainly have at least one fan in Los Angeles’ Dommm (a.k.a Dominic Tiberio). Somewhere between the confessions of Oberst (or perhaps Xiu Xiu) and the confrontations of Venetian Snares lie Dommm’s hectoring siren spasms and crimped synths, and these calm, melodic vignettes struggle with issues of ugly-beautiful vulnerability (especially “Candy Apple Head” and “Holy Hyena”). Dommm places emphasis on having a center of gravity within the diffusion, รก la Fennesz (see guitar-flecked “Sloth” and “Conked”). Past all the Cex-ual tension, IDeMo is emerging.