Gold Chains’s debut full-length is full of musings on the evils of fame and crass materialism, although to try to make out any sort of linear storyline from his lyrics would be a total waste of time. Chains bounces back and forth between rapping about sex and offering social commentary, throwing in plenty of metaphors along the way. He’ll talk about the state of the union, and then proposition you with a line like “I want to do cocaine off your ass in my theater.” The beats, co-written with Kit Clayton, are as unpredictable as the rhymes, veering wildly between punked-up glitch breakbeats, guitar-driven two-steppers and even a Bollywood-led jiggy hip-hop number. GC is at his underground best on the pounding, punky dance numbers like “Let’s Get It On” and “What Are We Looking For” but the rest of the songs are so lyric-heavy and attention-demanding that they’re best served up one at a time, rather than back-to-back-to-back.