Thomas Köner is the god of small sounds. After shiveringly cold environmental ambient works on experimental labels Barooni, Dorobo and Die Stadt from 1992 to the present-alongside many more techno tracks with Andy Mellwig as Porter Ricks-Germany’s Köner has explored a vast audio realm. Not one to lock himself away in the art installation and academic music circuits in which he has a considerable following, Köner has made a career of auspicious collaborations, from filmmakers to electronic engineers as disparate as Techno Animal and Asmus Tietchens. Zyklop, a two-disc set of processed field recordings and haunted film scores, contains works commissioned by international museums and director Yannick Dauby. Similar to his beloved early-’90s atmospheric recordings Permafrost and Tiemo (also available on MP), Köner investigates hushed, eerie landscapes, allowing the listener to hear every drip of water from an abandoned mossy spigot, every insect buzz, every whoosh of breeze and electric powerline hum. Quiet-but not silence-is used to offset these delicate components, and while his terrains are relatively empty, deliberate volleys of human language are added in varying intervals. Unlike the detached world of Irv Teibel’s Environments series, K?ner’s buried electronic melodies create an intentionally shadowy biosphere. Fear not, though-Köner is a benevolent god.