Following on from 2015’s Manuscript EP, Tomás Urquieta‘s latest release, La Muerte De Todo Lo Nuevo, will land back on Infinite Machine on September 30.

The EP consists of four original tracks and three remixes by PAN and Janus producer M.E.S.H., Ziúr, and Ausschuss. In true Infinite Machine style, the EP is a boundary-pushing release that sits in the nether regions somewhere between drone, bass music, IDM, and unnerving, experimental techno—a fitting collection for an EP named La Muerte De Todo Lo Nuevo, which translates as The Death Of All That Is New. The tracks on the EP feel alive, like morphing organisms that creep through Urquieta’s haunting world with a menacing strut.

Ahead of the release later this week, you can stream “Anatomía,” which plays out like a score to a David Lynch film, in full via the player above.