Sebastian Mullaert (a.k.a. one-half of Minilogue) and Mathew Jonson (a.k.a. one-third of Cobblestone Jazz) will release a collaborative single, titled “Pollen 4 Life,” via Hypercolour on December 2.

“Pollen 4 Life” was produced in one day during a series of sessions in Mullaert’s studio in the idyllic woods of Röstånga, Sweden, two summers ago. The nature-filled area was an inspiring vehicle for the pair, as Mullaert explains: “the freeing up of space and time allows an artist to rediscover him or herself. Frames can’t be too rigid, static detail hinders the process to unfold in a beautiful way.” Mostly jamming out ambient-driven pieces, “Pollen 4 Life” was “made on a day the mood took them in the direction of the dance floor.”

The hypnotic single will arrive with a stripped-back dub version on the b-side—both of the tracks are extended, mind-bending trips from two masters of the game. Ahead of the release later this week, you can stream “Pollen 4 Life” in full via the player above.