Photo: David Abramovich

Bruce Tantum chats to John Barera and Will Martin about their XLR8R Podcast.

It was just over a year ago that Barera, a cofounder of Supply Records, teamed with Martin for the highly lauded Yen EP on Supply; its two A-side cuts, “Awake” and “Say It Now,” both brimmed with luminous house vibes, while the flip, “Unknown Factor,” boasted more of late-night, basement-party feel. All three, though, were obviously the work of two producers who are in love with the ways of classic house. They’ve followed their love (leaving a bit of time for affairs with disco and techno) in the months since, releasing the poised Graceless long-player on Steffi’s Dolly label and, just this month, the fab four-track 1,2,3 (Feels Right) EP on Steve Mizek’s Argot. Barera and Martin have also been gracing the decks together on a regular basis, and they’ve just put together this stroll through house-music land (with time out for funky side jaunts from the likes Wally Badarou and Talking Heads) for your listening pleasure. Huzzah!

Podcast 382: John Barera and Will Martin by Xlr8r on Mixcloud