At this point, there’s not a whole lot known about Atelier Francesco. He came to our attention early last year with his techno-influenced AKAINO EP on BOSO, but has been keeping his head down since. Behind the scenes, he’s been honing his electronic music practices for a while: Driven by a longing to understand the great unknowns of outer-space, he is now dragging his ideas back down to earth, channeling them into a new live performance. With releases via Cityfox Records and Cocoon Recordings on the horizon, in this latest episode of XLR8R TV we get the first peek into that new live arrangement, before he really takes off.

Director/Producer/Editor: Lorenzo Villa
DOP/Camera: Timon De Graaf Boele
Gaffer: Luca Caciagli
Assistant I: Mako Ojiro
Assistant II: Tymnah Pyka