Svetnik is back with his new EP, In Bloom, available January 24.

Written in 2019, In Bloom marks a change in sound and aesthetic for the Berlin-based producer. In contrast to his debut, Youth, which was full of experimentation, showcasing an intimate and cheeky side of his productions, In Bloom offers a broader, yet “more refined” sound palette.

The record oscillates between elements of broken beat, R&B, ambient, and electro, tied together during 24 minutes of playtime. As the title suggests, the production came along with a personal catharsis: “Writing In Bloom has been a liberating experience. It made me take a step back, re-evaluate and come to terms with a few personal demons, which I have been carrying along for a while,” Svetnik says.

We’re told to expect a “soothing, yet captivating listening experience.”

The release comes with a limited run of handprinted artworks, which are available via Bandcamp and feature a print of the cover photography.

Svetnik is a Bulgarian-born producer and DJ living in Berlin, Germany. He cites his main influences as Jimmy Edgar, Leon Vynehall, Sampha, and Roza Terenzi, and he has a few projects in line for 2020, “which will keep dancefloors busy and living rooms cosy,” he says.


01. Undone
02. Only You
03. Come With
04. Disappear

In Bloom EP is out January 24 digitally, with “Undone” streaming below.